How Cold Temperatures Impact Your Roof

Winter is usually a time of relaxation for people. But it’s also a season of great stress on our roofs! The accumulation of snow, ice, and freezing rain can give shingles a run for their money, while inclement weather and unexpected cold snaps put their resilience to the test.We don’t experience many winter wonderlands along the Gulf Coast. But when we do, roofing damages and possible repairs become a genuine possibility. Thus, it’s essential to understand the impact of winter conditions on your roof and what can be done to protect its integrity.

How Snow and Ice Impact Your Roof | Pride Roofing LLC. Image of a red metal-tiled roof after heavy snowfall in winter.

Here’s everything you need to know about cold weather damage to your Albany roof, including what you can do to prevent it!

Roof Stress

The more snow, ice, and freezing rain sticks around your roof, the more cracks, warps, and sagging you might see in the summer. 

Gaps around your roof may even create ice dams, making it harder for ice and snow to drain before refreezing. This leads to many issues and costly repairs and increases roof stress significantly.

The best way to avoid wintertime roof stress is to plan ahead. If your roof is more than 10 to 15 years old, consider a roof replacement. Also, schedule an inspection that checks for any preexisting conditions.

Expansion & Contraction

Even a small amount of snow can have a big impact on your roof. Water expands a great deal when it freezes. If a little melted snow falls into the tiny cracks around your shingles, it can slowly pry the pieces apart and drip inside your house. 

You might not discover the effects of expansion and contraction until after the leak has worsened, drenching your attic, ceiling, and insulation with ice-cold water.

To avoid this, try scheduling roof repairs earlier in the year. The sooner you resolve cracks and gaps, the sooner you can protect your home from unnecessary roof damage in the winter.

Material Damage

Snow and ice affect roofing materials in very different ways. For example:

  • Wood shakes are extremely insulative but lack much resistance to water damage.
  • Clay tiles are resistant to ice and snow, but even a single broken tile allows water to flood.
  • Asphalt shingles show some resistance but don’t hold a candle to copper or metal.

You can schedule roof installations resistant to snow and ice, including standing seam metal roofs.

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