How Livingston Parish LA Homeowners Decide When To Repair -- And When To Buy

The roof over your head is one of the longest lasting investments you will ever make. The average shingled roof has a lifespan of up to 40 years, while metal roofs are purported to last as long as 70 years total.

Repairing your roof for as long as possible sounds like a cost-effective plan of action, but the truth is that continuing to maintain a damaged roof can hinder rather than help goals of saving money, reducing expenses, and keeping your family safe. Repairs for roofs in Livingston Parish LA should be done when:
  • The damage is minor
  • The roof is very new
  • Repairs are covered by warranty

In contrast, you may need a new roof when:
  • There is obvious or extensive damage
  • You are not covered by a warranty
  • You own an older roof (end of lifecycle)

How do you determine when, how, and why to invest in a new roof? Check out this helpful guide from Pride Roofing LLC.

10 Types Of Damage That Need A New Roof

If your residential or commercial roof showcases any of the following damage signs, you may need to investigate getting a new roof immediately.

1. Attic Leaks

Water coming from your roof? This is a sure sign of problems to come.

2. Blistering Paint

Peeling, cracking, or blistering in household paint could be signaling changes of humidity in the home.

3. Wall Staining

Stains or discoloration may be followed by warping and wall bloat, which weakens structural integrity.

4. Mold / Mildew / Fungus Growth

Where there’s mold, there’s a roof issue. Fungus growth should be treated as a sign that you need a new roof.

5. Damaged Shingles

Broken, missing, or decaying shingles point towards irreparable damage.

6. Rotting Siding

The breakdown of siding is very noticeable, and should be replaced rather than repaired.

7. Roof Stains

Strange discolorations on your roof may be the result of algal overgrowth, and signal your need for a new roof.

8. Expensive Energy Bills

If your heat or AC bill doesn’t seem to add up, your damaged roof may be to blame.

9. Water Stains

Ceilings with water stains may be caused by attic leaks and decaying shingles.

10. End Of Lifecycle

Any roof that is past its lifecycle date should be replaced as soon as possible.

Pride Roofing LLC Installs New Roofs With Confidence

If any of the above factors have caused you to consider getting a new roof, the winning team at Pride Roofing LLC is prepared to assist you at any time. We have decades of experience in the roofing industry, and provide high-quality new roof installations on an average of two weeks.

Not sure if your roof needs replacing? Contact us today to receive a roof inspection, or call our team directly to discuss your availability for installing a new roof over any Livingston Parish, LA building. A job well done, is a job done with Pride!