Pride Roofing LLC Explains Factors Involved In Roof Replacement Timelines

One of the biggest and most frequently asked questions we get asked at Pride Roofing LLC is: “how long will you guys take to finish a roof replacement?” While we can answer just about any and every question thrown at us with perfect accuracy, our answer to this one has to be: it depends.

The timeline of your roof replacement has everything to do with the circumstances of your home. Timelines will vary significantly between seasons, property types, sizes, and even roofing materials.

Here at Pride Roofing LLC, we promise to complete your roof replacement in roughly two weeks time. This is based upon an average assessment that is calculated from the bulk of our past work.

How do we calculate the exact timeline for replacing a roof for your property? Check out some of the factors listed below to get a clearer picture.

Factors That Determine Roof Replacement Time

There are five prominent factors that determine the roof replacement timeframe for your St. Tammany Parish house.

Weather Conditions

Rain, snow, sleet, or even extremely hot weather can slow down or halt the roof repair process. What’s more, certain temperature ranges make it both dangerous and ineffective to operate on rooftops.

Roof Materials

The differences between metal roofs and shingled roofs are stark. Metal roofs usually take slightly longer to install, while shingled roofs can be installed much sooner. 

Shingle Patterns & Designs

From 3-tabs to architectural shingles, unique roof replacements will take extra care and thought than regular replacements.

Roof Square Footage

The size of your roof will likely be one of the largest considerations in the roof replacement process. The highly skilled team at Pride Roofing LLC can reduce roof size lag by a huge margin!

Damage, Cracking, Or Leaks

The extent of damage around your home will have a significant role in the repair or replacement process. Some roofs may need to be removed entirely before rebuilding, slowing down the process. Additionally, some roofs may require specialty treatment or sealing.

Replace A Roof In St. Tammany Parish With Pride Roofing LLC!

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