Pride Roofing LLC's Labor Warranty Explained

Getting a roof replacement, repair, or installation is a less frequent home maintenance task that demands the highest quality possible. A mismanaged, poorly installed, or badly sealed roof can lead to many problems down the road, none of them easy to fix. Poorly installed roofs may risk everything you’ve worked for. 

If you think or know that your home will be needing some roofing services in the near future, you will want to ensure that the company in question will be offering labor and roofing warranties that secure their work.

What are these warranties, and does Pride Roofing LLC offer any of them? Get the answers to all of this and more below.

What Is A Labor Warranty?

Put simply, a labor warranty is a guarantee that your roofing service will provide only the highest quality of work. The agreement allows for a contract between yourself and the roofer, and states that any damage or issues concerning the roof must be addressed by the company within a set time frame. These follow-up services are often done for a reduced or free price point.

Let’s think about it another way. Warranty protection will usually come along with buying a new vehicle. The agreement states that the dealership in question must provide actionable repairs or services to the buyers in the event of damage to the vehicle. Likewise, a labor warranty ensures that the labor you are getting on your home is guaranteed for many years.

Does Pride Roofing LLC Offer A Labor Warranty?

The long and short of it is: yes! Pride Roofing LLC offers one of the best and biggest roofing warranties in the business, up to two years long in coverage.

Best of all, our labor warranty comes along with the manufacturer’s warranty on your shingles, keeping your house safe from harm for a potentially limitless timeframe!

What's The Difference Between A Roofing Warranty & A Labor Warranty?

Labor warranties like the ones from Pride Roofing LLC protect your home in case of improperly installed, repaired, or replaced roofs. On the other hand, a roofing warranty applies to the actual shingles and materials in question. Should there ever be an issue related to your shingle quality, you can simply go through the manufacturer in question to redeem a 15 year, 30 year, or unlimited lifetime roofing warranty.

Your Tangipahoa Parish LA Home Deserves Pride Roofing LLC

The work you put into keeping your property safe really shows. Why wouldn’t you go the extra mile for your building’s roof, too? At Pride Roofing LLC, our 1-Year Labor Warranty Included (Other Upgraded Warranty Packages Available, Speak With Your Sales Rep) outdoes all the competition, and has faithfully served the people of Tangipahoa Parish LA for nearly a half decade and counting. Here are a few of the cities we service within the area:

  • Amite City
  • Hammond
  • Ponchatoula
  • Kentwood
  • Independence
  • Tickfaw
  • Loranger
  • Roseland
  • Natalbany

Call us, chat with us, or book an appointment with our knowledgeable team today! A job well done is a job done with Pride!