How To Pick The Right Roof Shingle Color & Style For Your Home

Few things are more exciting than picking the color scheme of your new roof. However, that’s not to say it can’t be demanding and stressful — especially if you’re worried about picking the ‘wrong one.’

Roofing material asphalt shingles samples of various colors.

The good news is, residential roofing is a lot more forgiving than you might first believe. And with a little concerted effort to choose a decent match, you’ll be happily living in a colorful home (and over the moon about your results).

Let’s walk through the process of picking the right roof shingle color for your home in Albany LA. If you’re not sure what colors are available for residential properties, we offer a lineup of current color blends at the bottom of the article.

3 Ways To Pick The Right Shingle Color For Your Residential Roofing Project

There are three different ways to vet a shingle color before buying and installing it on your house: the practicality test, the contrasting colors test, and the sample test.

Let’s take a closer look at each one.

The Practicality Test

It’s a simple law of physics: the darker something is, the more heat it absorbs. And here in sunny Albany LA, you can bet there’s a lot of heat to soak up.

Darker shingle colors trap more heat and increase the temperature of your home. However, lighter-colored shingles may reflect more UV rays, keeping your home cool during the summer months.

The Contrasting Colors Test

What colors are the sides, shutters, and vinyl walls of your home? You should try to select a shingle color that not only accents them, but complements their appearance as well.

You can use this handy color wheel to determine how two colors might pair together. This could be helpful while building your first shortlist, especially if you can’t choose a general color category.

The Sample Test

Stuck between two final shades of roof shingle? Good news: you can ask your roofing contractor for a sample of each one.

First, line up your samples side-by-side on the front, back, and sides of the home. Next, come back at different times of day to test their appearance at different light intensities.

If you’re struggling to identify any major differences, ask a friend or family member to test the shingle samples with you.

Pick The Perfect Roof Color With Pride Roofing LLC

You’re probably feeling much more confident about the color you want for your roof. Now it’s time to look at the blends available so you can narrow down your shortlist.

Pride Roofing LLC partnered with Atlas Roofing to install colorful residential shingles all over Albany LA. We offer quality roof shingles in multiple color blends, including:

  • Black
  • Brown
  • Gray
  • Tan
  • White
  • Red
  • Green
  • Blue

Curious to learn more about how these roofing colors may look on your roof? Contact the professionals at Pride Roofing LLC to connect with an expert roofing contractor in no time. Alternatively, you’re welcome to drop by our Albany LA office at 19391 Florida Blvd, Albany, LA 70711. Just remember: a job done well is a job done with Pride!