How Long Does It Take to Install New Roofs?

Many roofing companies shy away from providing a hard timeline for roof installations. With many factors in play, contractors find it difficult or even impossible to offer solid, reliable numbers.

This is not the case for Pride Roofing LLC. After spending decades in the business, we are more than capable of informing customers about all parts of our roof installation process—including how long it takes to install shingled and metal roofs.

How Long Does It Take to Install New Roofs? | Pride Roofing LLC in Louisiana. Image of two men doing new roof installation.

The short answer: it takes us two to three weeks to install shingle roofs and four to six weeks to install metal roofs.

Let’s explore such things in greater detail.

How long does it take a roofing contractor to install shingle roofing?

It takes two to three weeks to install a new shingled roof. This timeline depends on several factors, including:

  • Shingle type: Certain types of shingle materials take less time to install than others.
  • Weather: Extreme heat, cold, or rain can impact installation.
  • Roof size and slope: The larger and steeper the roof is, the longer it may take to install.

All shingle roofing installations come with a 1-Year Labor Warranty Included (Other Upgraded Warranty Packages Available, Speak With Your Sales Rep) and warranties for individual shingle types. You can receive a more accurate timeline by booking a free inspection for your home.

How long does it take a professional roofer to install metal roofing?

It takes four to six weeks to install a new metal roof. Of course, this timeline largely depends on personal factors, including:

  • Size: The square footage of your roof may require additional man-hours to cover.
  • Pitch: A steeper roof takes more time to install than a flatter one.
  • Complexity: If your roof has dormers, skylights, or other special features, the installation process may be longer.

All metal roof installations from Pride Roofing come with an automatic 1-Year Labor Warranty Included (Other Upgraded Warranty Packages Available, Speak With Your Sales Rep). As always, you can schedule a call with us to chat with a professional.

Average roof installation timelines in Albany, LA and Nearby Areas

Not all roofing companies are alike. Unlike Metal Depot, Roofs Restored, WW Restoration Professional Roofing, Louisiana Roof Crafters, and Hester Roofing, you can see that only Pride Roofing LLC offers a transparent timeline for roof installation services.

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