How To Protect Your Roof From Bad Weather

As we head into late summer and early fall, the weather around Laurel, MS, will become increasingly difficult to predict. Hurricane season runs from June 1 through November 30, meaning there will be several months of solid gales, windstorms, and rain in the future.

Heavy roof damage may require serious roof repairs or even roof replacements should the damage be bad enough. In any case, it is crucial to defend your roof from the elements during Laurel MS’s most unpredictable seasons.

Here are some simple ways to protect your Laurel MS roof from bad weather in 2021.

How To Protect Your Laurel MS Roof From Bad Weather with Pride Roofing LLC image of roof with blue tarp covering damage from storm

Pride Roofing LLC Provides Roof Protection Tips For Laurel, MS Homeowners

Be sure to put some roof protections in place for the remainder of the 2021 hurricane season.

1. Find And Fix Loose Shingles

Hurricane winds are strong enough to peel shingles straight off your roof. If you have any asphalt shingling that is not tied down or parts of your roof that appear to be loose, consider calling out a professional team like Pride Roofing LLC for a roof inspection.

2. Invest In Hurricane Clips

Depending on their location and propensity for hurricane-like winds, some property owners in Laurel, MS, prefer to invest in hurricane clips for their residential or commercial roofs. Unlike other prevention steps, hurricane clips hold down your roof by tying wooden beams into the structure of your home.

Some Mississippi homes may be built with hurricane clips installed. However, if you’d like professional confirmation, reach out to Pride Roofing LLC.

3. Check Your Flashing

During a big storm, the flashing of your roof is one of the first components to get damaged. This material keeps water out of your home, so if you think or know that there is damage to the flashing, reach out to a pro for help.

4. Consider Roof Age

Older roofs often fare poorly during a heavy rainstorm and are usually the first to receive damage. If your roof is starting to get close to that ten or fifteen-year mark, it may be time to consider getting a complete replacement.

5. Get Roofing Cement

Adding new cement to your Laurel MS roof will not only keep shingles down but could prevent future leakage as well.

Pride Roofing LLC Is The First Choice For Roof Repairs In Laurel, MS

As a professional roofer, the team at Pride Roofing LLC has decades of experience helping Laurel, MS, homeowners get access to repairs and replacements. We’re passionate about keeping people safe, which is why we offer roof protection tips for folks all over the area.

Remember: a job done well is a job done with Pride. No matter what!

Call us today at (855) PRIDE 16 to contact a representative in your area about roof repairs, roof replacements, and more. We’re looking forward to defending your home against bad weather in 2021.