Why Schedule a Roof Inspection in Summer?

Summer is a season we all look forward to, especially when it comes to soaking in the sun. But summertime also comes with a few responsibilities — including the need to get a roof inspection for your home or business.

We tend to overlook roof inspections until it’s too late, or worse, wait until fall or spring. But not only is this a less effective strategy for identifying leaks or cracks, it’s often much harder to prevent little issues from turning into big problems.

Gray tile roof of construction house with blue sky and cloud background.

Let’s look at a few important reasons why you should schedule your Albany LA roof inspection in the summer.

Why Property Owners In Albany LA Should Schedule A Roof Inspection During Summer

Now is the best time to schedule a roof inspection for your Albany LA property.

There are three major reasons why:

1. Catch Issues Before Fall And Spring

Do you remember that old story about the ant and the grasshopper? While the ant only focused on the ‘here and now,’ the grasshopper planned ahead to protect itself from unfortunate situations. 

The same is true for residential and commercial roofs, especially here in Albany LA. We endure harsh summers and an extremely unpredictable hurricane season, so failing to keep an eye on your roof’s condition could lead to some significant implications in the months ahead.

A roofing contractor like Pride Roofing LLC can help you quickly identify issues with your summertime roof. By checking for leaks, cracks, or even missing shingles, experts can help you ward off issues exacerbated by high winds, heavy rains, and the buildup of leaf litter. It’s an excellent way to inspect for existing damage or stop future damage from occurring in the first place.

Speaking of damage. . .

2. Check For Heat Or Humidity Damage

Summer poses the perfect opportunity to check your roof for seasonal damage. For summertime, this includes high heat and unwanted humidity, both of which we struggle with in Albany LA.

Your roofing contractor should inspect your shingles for peeling, balding, algae, or other telling signs of damage. They should also provide a list of possible solutions depending on the situation and your personal needs.

There are three outcomes:

  1. Your roofing contractor provides a clean bill of health and provides an estimate for when you may need repair or replacement.
  2. Your roofing contractor suggests a roof repair service to remedy any broken shingles or underperforming metal roofs.
  3. Your roofing contractor urges immediate roof replacement to protect your home from additional damage.

Keep in mind the professionals at Pride Roofing LLC can provide all three of these services to commercial and residential roofs.

3. Avoid Rescheduling Due To Poor Weather

Fall, winter, and spring have one thing in common: the notable absence of sun! Summertime in Louisiana comes with more heat and sunny days, as well as the gift of staying brighter for longer. This means you don’t have to worry as much about rescheduling your roof inspections due to rain, wind, snow, or sleet.

Other benefits along these lines include:

  • Better visibility of your roofing material.
  • Fewer hazardous shingle conditions.
  • Faster completion of roof inspections.

How To Schedule A Roof Inspection With Pride Roofing LLC

Roof inspections probably aren’t the first thing you associate with summer. That said, they’re still an essential aspect of maintaining a safe and healthy building. 

But roofing inspections don’t need to take much time or cut into your valuable summertime fun. With a professional roofing contractor from Pride Roofing LLC, you can schedule a free roof inspection for your Albany LA property within a few minutes or less!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Call (855) PRIDE 16 or fill out our online contact form to chat with an expert.
  2. Schedule a time for your free roofing inspection during our business hours, which last 9 AM to 5PM from Monday to Friday.
  3. Sit back, relax, and let us get the job done. We’re fast, efficient, and extremely well-reviewed, so you know you can trust our professional opinion.

You’re welcome to contact Pride Roofing LLC at any time to schedule your summertime roof inspection. And remember: A job done right is a job done with Pride!